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‘Come What May…’

Come What May… How I learned to let go of having the perfect child.  By KELLE HAMPTON | April 5th, 2013 If there’s one regret I have from January 22, 2010 — the day my second daughter was born — it’s not that I cried when they told me she had Down syndrome or that I didn’t feel… Read More »

Divided We Fall…

Any couple raising children is bound to have disagreements about the right way to manage their kids’ behaviors and habits. But there are some issues that are so loaded they threaten to divide parenting partners. ‘Parents’ magazine took an informal poll to see which conflicts topped couples’ lists, and three sources of frustration came up… Read More »

52 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

Katherine Marie and her family took on a commitment in 2011… A year of kindness.  Her family project was to complete one out-of-the-ordinary kindness act each week for one full year.  Each month they’d pick from a kindness “type” and challenged themselves to complete it before week’s end. KINDNESS IDEAS: -deliver handmade valentines to nursing home -take get… Read More »

Real Food Tips: 3 Deceiving Food Products

Are you easily drawn to labels that tout ‘All Natural’, ‘No Added Sugar’, or ‘Made with Whole Grains’?  If so, you can join the millions who fall for this tricky advertising.  When Lisa Leake gives her “100 Days of Real Food” presentations, she routinely brings along a grocery bag full of “tricky” food products to discuss. Here are… Read More »

Guide to Healthy Eating for Preschoolers!

  Get your child on the path to healthy eating by: 1. Focusing on the meal and each other.   2. Offering a variety of healthy foods. 3.  Being patient with your child. 4.  Letting your children serve themselves. 5.  Checking out for more great information and fun, colorful, print-outs!   For more information on this… Read More »