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Toddlers and Technology

A new generation is learning from e-readers and touch screens, rather than books and magazines. One YouTube video seems to prove the point…. as CBS News national correspondent Ben Tracy reports. Then, psychologist and “Early Show” contributor Dr. Jennifer Hartstein. Read entire article & watch video.

Toddler air travel: Surviving security and braving the pat-down

Some point to consider if you’re thinking of traveling with your kids this, dare I say it… holiday season!! “The same rules apply for everybody at the airport,” says a spokesperson for BAA Airports, which operates London’s Heathrow. “Some people are selected fairly randomly for an extra search.” Search protocols vary between international airports. Certain… Read More »

6 Steps to a Healthier Home

It’s no fun being sick, or caring for a sick baby, or worst of all trying to do both at once. Head off illness at the pass (or at least send most germs moseying on down the road) by practicing simple hygiene and cleaning routines. A healthy home can be easier to achieve than you… Read More »

NJ Parent Link Website

NJ Parent Link is a statewide website initiative made possible by the work of the New Jersey Early Childhood Comprehensive System (NJ ECCS) Team. The focus of the website is to highlight NJ state services and resources. Federal, nationally-respected and community partner resources are also included. Read more & visit site.