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Great Summer ‘Staycation’ Ideas!

It’s hot and we’re just about halfway through the summer. That means we’re getting to the point where a lot of parents and kids are cooped up inside, driving each other crazy. The good news is, thanks to Internet, you can find lots of ways to keep your kids busy, More >

Heat Stroke Could Be Deadly for Toddlers

Hot enough for ya? If only toddlers could be entertained in the air-conditioned house all day … but you’ve probably tried keeping your kid cooped up in a controlled climate by now and already figured out that stay-cool strategy is nothing but a one-way ticket to Crankyville. But there’s only More >

Must-Know Tips for Summer Safety

The weather’s warm and you’re ready to grab a sippy cup and head outside. Whether you’re hitting the playground, the beach, or the nature trail, you’ll need to know the basics of summer safety. Here’s advice for every scenario. Read up, catch some rays, and enjoy your summer!

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Whole & Organic Food for Toddlers

When you shop for food, remember that the closer you are to the source, the fresher, more flavorful, and more nutritious it will be.

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Why This Landing, New Jersey Childcare Center Won My Vote

When I had my first child I was convinced that I wanted to keep him home with me for as long as possible instead of using daycare.  I worked in daycare as a teen and was a private nanny for 6 years and there are stark differences in those experiences. More >