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‘Pick Your Battles or Fight the Ridiculous Fights!’

I came across a great blog post this morning on ‘picking your battles’ with your kids and it really struck a chord!  Actually, let me back up, I came across it yesterday, but just got a moment to read it, which is amazing time lag for me.  Usually we’re looking More >

‘What I Am’, What We Want Our Kids to Be & How We Get There

One morning this week on Sesame Street I heard the ‘What I Am’ song and proceeded to turn it up and dance uncontrollably with my little guy!  It is catchy and we both love it!  A day or two after that, I noticed a reference to the song on an More >

Fun & Learning with a Purpose: NJ Childcare Focuses on Education & Child Development

‘There’s a method to the madness’ as the saying goes, though I’m sure the last word we want intertwined in a read about our daycare is ‘madness’!  That said, in a quality daycare, behind the smiling faces and bright colors, there really is a method and direct focus on our More >

Why This Landing, New Jersey Childcare Center Won My Vote

When I had my first child I was convinced that I wanted to keep him home with me for as long as possible instead of using daycare.  I worked in daycare as a teen and was a private nanny for 6 years and there are stark differences in those experiences. More >