Why This Landing, New Jersey Childcare Center Won My Vote

By | July 18, 2011

When I had my first child I was convinced that I wanted to keep him home with me for as long as possible instead of using daycare.  I worked in daycare as a teen and was a private nanny for 6 years and there are stark differences in those experiences. While I can’t afford the nanny, I was hesitant when faced with the reality that our home needed more than one person working.

After visiting a few other lackluster daycare centers in the area I was struck immediately by Little Achievements Childcare’s happy, bright, art adorned walls.  But it was more than that; that same bright, genuine exuberance was exhibited in their staff and it instantly felt like a happy place to be.

The clincher for me though was that undeniable feeling that my son would be happy and cared for there.  It was my biggest fear in sending him to daycare that he’d be lost in the shuffle, playing in the corner somewhere all day.  I’ve never once doubted that he is thrilled, excited, stimulated and happy during his time at Little Achievements.

For those preferring a less fluffy, feeling oriented list of reasons, here’s the nitty gritty…

Good class size and child to teacher/caregiver ratio means that our kids will get more individual time and not be lost in the crowd with an overwhelmed teacher/caregiver.

Appropriate separation by age groups in childcare programs means that the babbling, into everything, on the go 19 month old, won’t be confined and constantly reigned in to protect the 8 week old sleeping beauty in the lullaby swing next to him.

Smaller more personal center means less rigidity and policies that may or may not actually be efficient or add to the well being of our children.  Whereas with larger franchise centers with aloof or rarely present directors, Little Achievements Director Cindy Oestreich is always visible, up to speed and incredibly hands on with both her staff and students.

And finally, educated, happy childcare staff means happier, well cared for kids!


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