‘What I Am’, What We Want Our Kids to Be & How We Get There

By | August 12, 2011

One morning this week on Sesame Street I heard the Will.i.am ‘What I Am’ song and proceeded to turn it up and dance uncontrollably with my little guy!  It is catchy and we both love it!  A day or two after that, I noticed a reference to the song on an old high school friend and fellow mom blogger’s site, she is quite creative and fun!  It gave me an idea as I scratched my head thinking about what to write here.

I thought about Will.i.am’s ‘What I Am’ lyrics in terms of what we our kids to be – what I want my kids to be!  And not at all in a material, end result way such as wanting him to be a doctor or valedictorian; but in a humanitarian way of the men I want my boys to be when they grow up and the things I’m willing to do today to help foster and encourage that growth.

‘If what I am is what’s in me, Then I’ll stay strong – that’s who I’ll be, And I will always be the best Me that I can be.  There’s only one me, I am it, have a dream I’ll follow it, It’s up to me to try…’

‘And what I am is thoughtful…’ because the ability to think of others is a beautiful quality, just as beautiful as the ability to value yourself, and my kids deserve every bit of the goodness that comes from that.

‘What I am is musical…’ because music is creativity and expression and emotion and I want my kids to be able to tap into and express that.

‘What I am is smart…’ because, well, this one is a given!  Looking beyond book smarts though, I want my kids to be smart in mind, body and spirit because that will get them farther than most other things I can imagine.

‘And what I am is brave…’ because life is going to throw things at you and I want to raise my kids to give a little extra and go after it anyway because they are worth it.

‘What I am is helpful…’ because in order to keep it, you’ve got to give it away and I believe that giving it makes life that much more fruitful!

‘What I am is special…’ because not believing that we each are incredibly special and of worth, value & goodness already of our own making, is a monumental misgiving!

The song goes on, but you get the point!  We all want the very best for our kids and for many of us, it’s taken most of our lives to figure out just what that very best consists of and how we want to show them to get there.

For me, today, this requires being picky about the experiences and influences I expose my kids to.  This includes what I let them watch, who I let them be with, the places I take them, the list goes on!

Happy parenting!
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